Online coaching for the driven recreational through professional circus artist & dancer looking to crush their technical, artistic, & flexibility goals.


Hi, I’m Jessica John. While working as a CIA analyst in Washington, DC, I stumbled upon circus. I was hooked from my first class. But it wasn’t an incredible leap, just a fortuitous stroll.

You see, I was always a mover, just a mover who still hadn’t found the movement she was looking for. As a kid, I was a competitive tennis player. In tennis, I was more interested in what made a shot work than about winning. In high school, I was a dancer. I would absorbs as much choreography as I could and then when I got home I would drill it for hours in my bedroom just to keep up. In college, I was an expert skier. I’d drive 2 hours to the mountain to take the same run all day long, watching the conditions change underneath me.

Curiousity, mastery, achievement, focus… the things that turned me on to tennis, dance, skiing, and even the CIA, are the same things that drew me to circus and and have kept me in this field for over a decade. After the 2016 US presidential election, I left Langley to pursue performing, directing, and coaching fulltime and I have not looked back. I love helping my clients refine their goals and make them a reality. What’s on your wishlist?