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Episode #2: WHAT's my training age again?

Have you heard the phrase “aerial training age?” Do you know your training age? Aerial and pole instructors, do you know your students training ages? Join me for this discussion of how to adapt your aerial coaching for different levels to help students excel.

Aerial training, mobility, performance… Let’s chat, y’all!

Welcome to Crux, a podcast about big pivots, beautiful diversions, and essential truths of life… and of circus.

I’m your host, Jessica John, the founder of Circus Mobility. I was a CIA analyst who at the pinnacle of my career, fell in love with being upsidedown.

In this life, it’s easy to fixate on climbing a ladder that just leads up, but not to your happiness.

So I’m asking friends and experts, and often myself, to share knowledge and tools about how they are finding their way through movement, through business, and through life.

Alright, lets get to the fucking point.


  • How aerial training age shapes coaching, expectations, and goals in classes or private lessons.
  • How to cue and coach aerial beginners to enhance their learning and enjoyment.
  • How to cue and coach advanced aerial students that require novel stimuli and individualized attention.
  • The difference between teaching and cueing in the classroom.


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