Up level your technique, mobility, and strength through one of my signature one-to-one, group, or DIY services.


The Conclave

The Conclave is a program for intermediate/advanced aerialists looking to tackle big, technical aerial, pole, flexibility, handstand, and strength goals. It is one-to-one virtual coaching with a custom-designed training program and regular feedback in a three-month training cohort. You get mindset coaching and group support when you are not feeling motivated, a live Zoom call to get all of your questions answered, and consistent feedback on every aspect of your workouts to keep you on track toward your goals.


Inversion Conversion: The Program

An eight-week plan of attack for nailing the missing pieces of the bent and straight-arm invert. In this self-paced program, we use a proven system to pinpoint your strength and mobility gaps and to put yourself on the path to clean inverts with feedback so that you don't waste your time doing drills "wrong."



Inversion Conversion: The MasterClass

In this recorded masterclass, I demystify the straight-arm inversion, a foundational skill for all levels. Are you frustrated that you have gotten this far in your training but still struggle with straight-arm inversions? Are you eager to dive deep into inversion technique so that you don’t just do the thing, but understand why it is working and how to stay safe doing it over the long term? Are you hoping to better understand this skill to either apply it to more advanced progressions or be a better coach? In this three-hr webinar, you’ll learn about: overhead scapular mechanics & why the “scap wrap” matters; hip anatomy & how that influences leg pathways in inverts; the “abdominal canister” & how to harness breath for movement; why “look where you want to go” is such an awful cue; the physics of inversions; and how to analyze movement to safely train for straight-arm inversions at ALL levels.


Live Classes

Zoom classes for aerialists and pole dancers who recognize that working smarter, not necessarily harder, is the path to sustainable mobility gains that translate into fluidity in the air. Increase your depth, control, and quality of movement at end ranges after calming the nervous system through myofascial and nerve glide techniques and activating the muscles needed to support your joints at their end range. Pursue foundational flexibility postures as well as in Instagram-worthy movements in a supportive group setting.



Expanse: A Breathing MasterClass

This two-hour masterclass will show you step-by-step how to use breath to increase your access to power and build endurance in the air. Learn how to regulate your nervous system with a breathing toolkit and checklist that you can use before, during, and after your training sessions. Use BREATH to get your dream aerial and pole skills!