Certifications and Mentorship

Become the coach you wish you had through a certification or mentorship program.



Cardinal is a six-month mentorship program for current or aspiring aerial coaches who recognize that traditional teacher training programs don’t provide you with the tools to be a GREAT coach. The mentorship tackles topics such as: movement analysis, training program design, skill acquisition & motor learning, breathwork & pelvic floor health, sleep & recovery, nervous-system-guided training, values & mindset, thought work & somatics, & activism to promote change in the industry.


Inversion Conversion Method

A certification course for aerial instructors who want more tools to help their students achieve aerial inversions. This six-hour course will teach you the biomechanics and physics of the movement, give you lesson plans for building strength and mobility in the classroom, and much more. There is an assessment required for certification.



Circus Mobility Method

The first of its kind certification program in Circus Mobility’s MOMENTUM method for aerial and pole coaches who recognize that good coaching requires more than a piece of paper. The CMM Certification takes at least one year and requires completion of at least one three-month cycle of The Conclave, the six-month Cardinal mentorship, as well as completion of a case study and certification exam.


Circus Mobility Method Studio Program

The first of its kind certification program in Circus Mobility’s MOMENTUM method is for aerial and pole studios committed to cultivating feminist aerial community and providing compassionate expert coaching. In-person and virtual trainings are available to support your coaching community.