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Join a live mobility class. You may choose to attend the class live OR to purchase the recording, which does not expire. Recordings are also available for members of The Parish.


This class is for students looking to increase their depth, control, and quality of movement at end ranges in the backbend family. We begin by calming the nervous system through myofascial and nerve glide techniques. After activating the muscles needed to support your joints at their end range, we employ them in foundational flexibility postures as well as in Instagram-worthy movements.

THE PARISH: The Membership for Aerialists

Want to dig deeper into active flexibility and aerial technique? Become a member of The Parish! Get access to the full class libraries for all of my online classes, in-depth tutorials, technique & biomechanics deep dives, and much more, including a live in-person meetup in Hawaii in February 2023.

INVERSION CONVERSION: The Straight-Arm Inversion Master Class

In this recorded master class, I demystify the straight-arm inversion, a foundational skill for all levels. Are you frustrated that you have gotten this far in your training but still struggle with straight-arm inversions? Are you eager to dive deep into inversion technique so that you don’t just do the thing, but understand why it is working and how to stay safe doing it over the long term? Are you hoping to better understand this skill to either apply it to more advanced progressions or be a better coach? In this 3-hr webinar, you’ll learn about: overhead scapular mechanics & why the “scap wrap” matters; hip anatomy & how that influences leg pathways in inverts; the “abdominal canister” & how to harness breath for movement; why “look where you want to go” is such an awful cue; the physics of inversions; and how to analyze movement to safely train for straight-arm inversions at ALL levels. Watch Inversion Conversion: The Master Class.


An 8-week plan of attack for nailing the components of the bent-arm and straight-arm inverts that you’re missing. In the program, we use a proven system to pinpoint your strength and mobility gaps and to put yourself on the path to clean inverts with feedback so that you don’t waste your time doing drills wrong. Join the waitlist for Inversion Conversion: The Program.

THE CONCLAVE: 1:1 Technical Coaching for Aerialists

The Conclave is a 3-month program for aerialists looking to tackle big, technical, circus goals. It is a custom-designed training program with group support even when you don’t feel especially motivated, 1-on-1 calls to get all of any questions answered, and consistent video feedback of every workout so that you are staying on track. Join the waitlist for Cycle 6, which starts in fall 2023.

CARDINAL: The Mentorship for Aerial Coaches

Cardinal is a 6-month mentorship program for current or aspiring aerial coaches who recognize that traditional teacher training programs don’t provide you with the tools to be a GREAT coach. The mentorship tackles topics such as: movement analysis, training program design, skill acquisition & motor learning, breathwork & pelvic floor health, sleep & recovery, nervous-system-guided training, values & mindset, thought work & somatics, & activism to promote change in the industry. The 2023 class of Cardinal is full. Get on the waitlist for 2024.

THE CONFESSIONAL: 1:1 Mentoring for Aerial Coaches

The Confessional is 1-to-1 mentoring for circus coaches who want to pinpoint what’s holding them back from big training and coaching goals and to bullseye a plan of action. A Confessional is for you if you: struggle with balancing the demands of training and coaching; feel like something is holding you back from achieving your technical goals; don’t know what to concentrate on to reach your potential; and/or don’t know how to keep up in the digital coaching space. Book a 1-hour Confessional.


Jessica only offers virtual or in-person aerial coaching to current online clients. Please contact Jessica to discuss her availability and rates.

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