Motivated to meet your performance goals but don’t know where to start?

Circus Mobility offers custom training programs for mobility and aerial technique to fit your unique needs. Each 6-week program starts with an evaluation of your short and longterm goals and values. After completing an online assessment, which includes a look at your baseline strength and mobility, I will send you a program with videos and descriptions of each exercise to help you achieve your goals. After you have a chance to go through the program, I will check back in to evaluate your form and make adjustments.

What you get:

  • help refining your short-term goals while keeping your longterm targets in sight
  • a movement assessment, which uses my training as a National Academy of Sports Medicine Corrective Exercise Specialist and on the Functional Movement Screen
  • a plan for each day that aligns with your time, access to gym/studio space, and other commitments
  • a 6-week schedule that targets the strength, mobility, and technical requirements of the skills you’d like to level-up, plus addresses any underlying movement constraints
  • a 60-min online consultation with an expert coach to discuss technique and cuing, and to make any real-time program adjustments
  • a 15-min follow-up call at the end of the program to discuss progress and next steps

What you need:

  • a smart phone or computer access to your customized workout plan with reference videos for each exercise
  • at least 3 hours per week to devote to your program
  • the drive and determination to complete a challenging 6-week program

This is a fully custom program that keeps your unique needs in mind, whether you are trying to nail your straight-arm inversions, keep up with your back flexibility while on tour, or finally get your middle splits flat. If you’re willing to put in the work, but just need the right plan and some encouragement, then this program is for you. Get started today by making a one-time payment of $225. An additional 1-hour online session can be added for $70 (normally $90) during the course of the program. After the initial 6-week program, adjustments and updates are $150.

Email to schedule your consultation.