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A coach, trainer, or physical therapist can give you the keys to their domain, but you have to unlock the door. Maybe you have opened that door in the past and saw improvements. But odds are you didn’t achieve what you wanted to achieve, because here’s the kicker: there’s not only one key and there are thousands of doors. The information out there is overwhelming, targeted programming is limited, and most people are not equipped to be their own “head coach.” Moreover, lasting change is incremental and requires constant evaluation of your progress. You’ve heard that everyone moves at their own pace, and that’s true, but your trajectory is shaped by realistic goals and targeted progressive training. Here’s where Circus Mobility comes in. We provide personalized developmental programs with achievable targets to meet your goals.


  • Intake interview to discuss your goals and assess your training, prehab, warm up, nutrition, coaching, water, sleep, creativity, personality, values, time, work hours, stress, cross-training, access to equipment, etc.
  • On-line movement screen to establish your baseline, circus-specific, and skill-specific strength and mobility, as it relates to your goals
  • Help setting realistic, achievable goals in line with your baseline fitness and personal values
  • Receive targeted, progressive coaching over a six-week cycle to develop the skills to meet your goals
  • Receive detailed instructions and videos for the exercises in your customized program. Each program is different, but you can expect 20-30 exercises that may include active release, nerve glides, muscle activation, strength for power, muscular endurance, end-range control, and educative movements for aerial.
  • 30-minute online consultation to go over and/or progress given exercises


During the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, $150 for the six-week program (normally $225). Email to sign up!

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