As we’re going into 2023, I’m sure a lot of you are reflecting on your aerial practice or on being an aerial coach. I know I have been looking back on what’s going great and what can be improved in both my practice in my business. Sometimes it’s hard to be honest with yourself about […]


Do your wrists kill you when you try to go upside down? Do feel pain in wrist extension? Looking for a good warm up for your wrists prior to working on your handstands? Here’s a thorough wrist warm up that will have you ready to bear weight in no time. This warm up is the […]

SAVE THE DATE: The Parish Meeting – February 20-23 – Hilo, Hawai’i

I’m excited to announce the dates for our first live, in-person meeting for aerialists! Aerial silks, aerial rope, dance trapeze, aerial hoop! All Parishioners are invited. Know someone else who might like to join us? They simply have to join us in The Parish. More details will be coming soon inside of The Parish.

Welcome, Caitlin & KP!

Just wanted to introduce TWO new coaches in The Parish! Caitlin Wallace will be bringing the goowy dance trapeze goodness that I LOVE, and Kelsey Poitras will be contributing content on strength and conditioning for aerialists! I couldn’t be happier to WELCOME CAITLIN & KP! Keep an eye out for their tutorials, tips, and minis […]

Technique Tips: Contrast Spiral in Twisted Grip

Jen Crane and Simone Muscat have been talking about twisted grip today and I wanted to add some “yes and” 💰. A contrast spiral is formed in the body when you have one side of a joint going in one direction and the other side going in the other. It can feel weird in the […]

My View on Internal vs. External Cueing

I just wanted to share this article that I read today on internal vs. external cueing and share some of my thoughts. In it, Matt Kuzdub, a high-level tennis athlete, discusses what the research has shown on cueing and why he thinks that it is not all that. Hint: I agree! I like to think […]

Is each day another you haven’t achieved your goals?

An over-reliance on the end result can make for an all-or-nothing training experience. While goals are important and worthy of your time, they can also distance you from the day-to-day work needed to accomplish them.

Improve Your Shoulder Flexibility with Cat Scratchers

Here’s one of my favorite exercises to improve active shoulder flexion while in end-range thoracic extension. Cat Scratchers are great for Mexican handstands! You can use a band, strap, or block between your elbows to encourage engagement through your arms. 1️⃣ Face the wall seated on your heels with your knees touching it. (If this […]