Make Your Hips Say Hallelujah

Do your hips need some love and attention? Do you need to improve your hip mobility? Try out my weekly class, Hips Hallelujah.

(You’ll need a peanut, two yoga blocks, a stretching strap, and a foam roller for this class.)

This class is for students with both mobility limitations and hypermobility in the hips. After a warm up of myofacial techniques, nerve glides, and the Gyrokinesis® method, Hips Hallelujah focuses on strength and isometrics in end-range positions. The class is designed to improve an aerial and/or handbalancing practice but is helpful for anyone looking to improve their hip mobility and stability.

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Want to take your training up a level? I’m looking for a group of driven aerialists, pole artists, dancers, and other artistic athletes who want to spend the next 3 months—even under challenging circumstances—hitting their mobility, strength, and technical goals. Doors to The Conclave are currently closed but again open in September. I’d love to help you slay your quarantraining.

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