Answers for your Burning Circus Questions

Hi y’all! I’m about to get serious with blogging . . . again. I used to have one a full lifetime ago. Back then I went by “Aerial Silks DC.” (I hadn’t done corde lisse yet.) My site was the first thing that popped up when you searched those words.

Once I also ran a fansite for Edith Wharton, where I wrote reviews of everything she ever wrote (including The Buccaneers), but that’s another (really boring) story.

Apparently in the age of Search Engine Optimization, you’re supposed to write about things that people google. So what are you googling these days?

If it’s related to circus, I’ll probably write about it. If it’s not, I might anyway. Then I can become top of google search for things like “how do I get a stuck poptart out of the toaster” and “who did Rory Gilmore date.” (Yes, I googled those things today.)

Thank you, friends!

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