Workshop Tour Countdown

It’s a mere 9 days until I kick off a summer workshop tour en route to my West coast adventure. Two of the kitties (Lola and Penny) are now safely in wine country with my mom, and the remaining furball (Mia) is wondering where her siblings have gone. 9 days to figure out how to get the rest of my belongings in my car without turning it into a burglar thirst trap. 9 days to solidify workshop content and test out things on current students. 9 days to make sure I have places to stay and a car that is safe to get me there. 9 days to say so long to places, people, and roads not taken.

I’ve been in DC since 2002, right after finishing law school and clerking. 

2002 B.C. 

2002 Before. Circus.

Little did I know 

when here I stood 

what lay ahead. 

G&T in hand. 

I chose the other then, 

just as fair, 

but way led to way, 

and here I am.

                                                                                                  NamibRand Nature Reserve 2011. 

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