Summertime and the Livin’ Is…

Sublime was the soundtrack to my summers in college.

I met Bradley Nowell once, a few weeks before he died. Watching him perform, chatting with him backstage, it was like watching a car drive off of a cliff in slow motion. There was no turning away, but the outcome felt predetermined.

That’s what this summer feels like except we (Americans) are all hurtling over the cliff and it’s the world watching it happen, slow motion-like. 

For a few hours each day, however, I get to leave all that behind, whether it is outside in the air dancing with the butterflies or in a screened Zoom room stretching with friends. 

Try to devour those moments. 

Breathe them in fully. 

Make them more of who you are. 

Because if I’m headed off a cliff, I am taking the butterflies and you with me.

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