Introducing Sunday School: Online Fundamentals of Aerial Technique for All Levels

Sunday School isn’t just for Sundays.

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting restless. This phase one to phase two to phase one has me feeling things I haven’t felt since catholic school. But let me tell you something straight.

I genuflect for no one unless it makes me a better human.

Circus is my north star. It’s not everything, but it shines bright enough on most nights to guide me home. Constellations don’t stand still. They rotate, slowly circling a singular fixed point in the night sky. The north star. My circus. 

It’s time to rise up.

And it’s time to take our rightful places back in the sky.

Everything we do in the air, no matter the apparatus, can be divided into the same fundamental movements and figures. I created a class, a Sunday School if you will, where we will devote ourselves for an hour to digging deep into our foundations, shoring up our engagements, and finessing our pathways.

This virtual space is a judgment- and burpee-free zone. There is no one holy way to achieve fancy skills but my hope is that together we can do the work to find what’s best for you and your body. Conditioning is great for you and rumor has it can even be fun. But that’s a different class.

In Sunday School, we don’t just praise, we gain the strength, mobility, and proprioception for foundational skills. You’ll get a workout, but you’ll also be gaining a better understanding of skills and a roadmap for achieving the next progression.

And now, here’s where Patreon comes in. If you’re a Patreon at the Highland Heifer level ($99) or above, you can take two Sunday School or mobility classes per month (that’s up to a $60 value). Maybe it’s time to upgrade? 

Just send me a note if you would like registration info and rigging requirements. Or say hello. That’s cool too.

In the name of the one arm, the post, and the single toe, amen.

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