If you’ve been to my online mobility classes for aerialists, you probably know that I take shoulder and upper back mobility seriously. As an aerialist, I need to treat circus shoulders with the reverence they deserve… and that means ground skills for all of the cool aerial tricks.

What is rib flaring?

What is passive vs active range of motion?

Do I even need shoulder internal rotation?

Whether it is thoracic extension or thoracic flexion, shoulder extension or shoulder extension… whether you need more shoulder mobility or more shoulder stability, you will get the exercises you need for strength and flexibility in the air, if you are a contortionist or even the average muggle, in my classes.

If you’re wondering what an online flexibility class is like with me or if you just want to get your active stretch on, here is a free recording I’d like to share. Feel free to follow along. Your aerial shoulders will thank you!

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