Friday Five – Holiday Edition

It’s that time of year… when you’d prefer to be nose deep in your phone or retreat to your headphones than have another conversation with that uncle who’s not really related to you about impeachment. Enjoy!

1. ReadingIf ‘Pain Is an Opinion,’ There Are Ways to Change Your Mind by Austin Frakt I like to tell folks that pain is a liar. Neuroscientist V. S. Ramachandran instead says, “Pain is an opinion.” I’m sure you’re thinking, that’s well and good, Jessica, but how do I get it to stop talking to me. Apparently, we cannot think away pain. But according to this New York Times article, we do have some control over it. 

2. ReadingWhy Authoritarians Attack the Arts by Eve L. Ewing In this 2017 New York Times article, Ewing talks about how art creates pathways for subversion, for political understanding and solidarity among coalition builders. Art teaches us that lives other than our own have value. Like the proverbial court jester who can openly mock the king in his own court, artists who occupy marginalized social positions can use their art to challenge structures of power in ways that would otherwise be dangerous or impossible. Viva la resistance!

3. WatchingEpisode #58 The Privilege of Teaching the Flippy Flippy Shabang with Sarah Poole by The Artist Athlete In this podcast, aerialist Shannon McKenna talks to artistic and technical coach Sarah Poole. I have had the pleasure of both working with Sarah and having a former student blossom in her capable hands. The way she views the coach/student relationship is worth listening to whether you are a coach or a student.

4. ListeningSpotify’s Your Top Songs of 2019 by Jessica John If you’ve ever wondered what inspires me, here’s a glimpse into the soundtrack of my life. 

5. ReadingHow to (Literally) Clean Your Brain by Johnny Jung Did you know that most mammals die after more than a week of complete sleep-deprivation? Are you wonder how you are still alive yet? (Not me. I value my shut-eye and my Whoop confirms it!) Sleep affects learning, obesity, hypertension, insulin sensitivity, and mood, so get to it.

Friday Five is going on hiatus. Would you like to see it return? Let me know in the comments below!

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