Circus in the Time of Covid-19

Like many of you, I am home bound for at least the next two weeks. I am grateful for your support on this site, which continues to support me in a time of even greater uncertainty. Let me know what I can do to support you! I will be setting up my aerial rig this week and can continue to offer the content you have come to expect, but I am also happy to pivot to ground drills for aerial skills or mobility or other things that you need stat. Your feedback would be appreciated!

If you suddenly have more time on your hands and want to kick your training up a gear, for the next few weeks, I’m offering a 30-minute consultation, a 6-week program, AND a 30-min check-in call for only $150 (regularly priced $225). And that’s not all! For my online training packages, I’m going to allow 1-on-1 sessions (strength, mobility, or technical skills on silks, rope, or trapeze if you have safe access to equipment) to be split with a roommate/friend/lover. So if you have a pandemic buddy, you can save big!

  • 5 sessions for $400 ($40 each/session) 
  • 10 sessions for $750 ($37.50 each/session) 
  • 20 sessions for $1400 ($35 each/session)

Finally, based on your feedback, I have created a Facebook group to host discussion of the topics covered in this Patreon (at the Owl level or higher). You are always welcome to ask questions under each post, but since most of you are on Facebook regularly, that platform seems to be better for encouraging discussion. And I really want to hear how its going and to continue to offer tips and clarifications. If I haven’t already sent you an invite, please just request to join and we’ll get the ball rolling!

Check in and let me know how you’re doing. Or send cat gifs.

~Jessica xo

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